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Erin & Chris

Photography by Reflections Photography


Your Story (How Did You Meet)

We like to say we met in college while we were both at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, but this is not the full story. While we were both at Colorado State University at the same time, we actually met on Facebook of all places. He clicked "yes" on me on an application called "Are you interested." It was entirely random but here we are, three and a half years later!

Why did you select Eastholme?

We both knew that we wanted a small wedding and a Chapel was not for us. We both love the outdoors so we decided to look at places that offered an outdoor ceremony location. We originally looked in Estes Park but after talking with my family, we decided to look closer to my hometown of Colorado Springs. We went and looked at Eastholme and the Victorian charm drew me in the second I saw it. Also my parents had stayed at Eastholme for their anniversary a few years before which also made it special!



The day was perfect! Not too hot and perfect weather!! We had the ceremony out in the gazebo and all the beautiful scenery was our background! We had my childhood pastor conduct a very simple ceremony. One special feature was that we had a unity candle, which I really wanted because I grew up with my parent's unity candle as a permanent decoration in our home. Our unity candle proved to be an interesting challenge because the wind was blowing just enough to make it extremely difficult to get it lit! The photographer did a great job though because even though it was only lit of a matter of seconds they managed to get a picture of it!


The reception was great! We had some really fun and, in some cases kinda embarrassing stories, shared by our Best Man, Matron of Honor and Maid of Honor. We had the song 'Sugar, Sugar' as our song for the cake cutting and after the cake cutting we enjoyed our first dance!! We also had a Father-Daughter dance, Mother's dance and I had a special dance with my Grandfather. All of these were really special moments that I will cherish forever!

The Bouquet toss was funny because I did it standing at the top of the stairs to the deck and kept having everyone telling me either not to fall or not to hit the roof of the deck! One of my bridesmaids caught the bouquet!!

For the garter toss everyone started chanting teeth so Chris obliged the crowd and took it off with his teeth!! It was funny to see his reaction to the garter because it was blue camo! (He and his groomsmen wanted camo tuxs!!) Chris's younger brother caught the garter and proceeded to wear it on his head! Later in the night I also got everyone dancing to the Cupid Shuffle!!

Resources Most Helpful: Deborah was extremely helpful! She was very prompt at replying to my questions and helped me figure out ways to reduce the stress that was being put on me!! Also my bridesmaids were great!! They helped out in so many ways!!!! I can't thank them enough!!!

How long to plan wedding: One year and four months

Number of Guests: 48

Wedding Theme/Inspiration: Simple and outdoor wedding...the grounds of Eastholme and the Victorian charm of the building were my inspiration for keeping things simple so we didn't distract from the beauty already present.

Color Palette: Yellow, Purple & Light Sage Green

Attire: Groom and groomsmen were in tuxs, Chris had a white vest and green tie and the groomsmen had green vests and green ties. The bridesmaids had on short black, strapless dresses that had a lace overlay. My dress was ivory, strapless and all lace.

Decor: Simple....we didn't really do much when it came to decorating, with the Victorian theme of my dress the charm and beauty of Eastholme was all the decorations we needed!

Bouquets: The bridesmaid bouquets were alstroemeria flowers and fern leaves, they looked a lot like wild flower bouquets. Chris' mom made these for my bridesmaids. My bouquet was white lilies, yellow roses, and little purple flowers. My Matron of Honor made my bouquet.

Boutonnieres: The boutonnieres were yellow roses, fern leaves and baby's breath; these were also made by Chris' mom.

Centerpieces: The centerpieces were homemade, they were glass bowls with clear pebbles on the bottom. We cut up some fake purple flowers and spread the petals on top of the pebbles, then we place a fake yellow tiger lily in each one.

Cocktail Hour: We had homemade beer (made by Chris) and then a selection of wine from Colorado and a selection of wine from Chris' home state of Pennsylvania

Reception Menu: We had Cravings cater. We got the Baby Spinach with Mandarin Oranges and Sugared Almonds with the orange rice vinaigrette for the salad and the Spinach Lasagna, Beef Medallions in a wild mushroom demi sauce.

Cake Design: The cake was a three-tier cake. The top and bottom layers were chocolate sour cream with butter cream frosting and the center layer was a yellow cake with butter cream frosting.

Favors: We didn't really do favors, closest thing was that we had bubbles for them and then at each spot we had a scroll that said thank-you and contained the web address for the website I created to post pictures!

First Dance: Our first dance was to the song God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes.

The Exit: We didn't really do a traditional exit, but the last song of the night was Love Shack by the B0-52s!! This was all Chris' idea and was a big hit!

Your favorite details/special touches: The unity candle was something I really liked and even though being outside cause difficulties keeping it lit I'm glad we have it and look forward to lighting it every year on our anniversary! Also the dance I shared with my Grandfather was one of my favorite things because I know how much it meant to him and it was great to see him so happy!

What Made Your Wedding Unique: We had fun! I have been to weddings that have been super 'stuffy' and that's just not us! There are so many pictures of Chris and I making silly faces at each other, which is something we do every day! Also when we all came out after the signing of the Marriage Certificate and were all dressed up in the photo booth costumes we had so much fun! Also we homemade all the beer for the wedding so everyone enjoyed trying new beers!! After pictures were taken Chris came to me and asked if the guys could change, once I agreed all the guys changed into shorts and t-shirts! There are some great photo booth pictures of me in my dress and Chris in a t-shirt!! I think these made the wedding our own because we like to just hang out and have fun, nothing formal, and that's what this was…it was a wedding but nothing truly formal, just fun!!!

Also for our attendants gifts we had a friend hand paint Beer steins for the guys and wine glasses for the girls. Everyone loved them! The wine glasses had flowers on them and the beer steins had the mountains and camo! We had the same friend make our glasses for out toast too, and as a surprise I got Chris a beer stein as well that matched his groomsmen's steins!! They were a total hit!!

Memorable Moments: We had the photographer set up a photo booth that had all kinds of costumes. So once we were done signing the marriage certificate all of the groomsmen, bridesmaids and even Chris and I dressed up and went out to great guest! It was so much fun! It made it even funnier when my bridesmaids took their masks off and the masks left bright colored circles around their eyes!!!

What Would You Do Different: Hire a DJ! I think one of the most stressful things for me was trying to put together a playlist! I did not know what I wanted and I wish there had been more up-beat 'dancing' songs to get people on the dance floor! Also, I wish I did not have to spend all that time trying to pick songs!

Your Advice to Couples Just Starting to Plan Their Wedding: Relax!!!! Regardless of what happens or doesn't happen at the end of the day you still end up married! I am a bit of a perfectionist and had everything planned to the second so that I would stay on track. That schedule went out the window when the time actually came…things got started late, did not happen at all, or were not done exactly how I pictured it in my head. But in the end, we still ended up married and everything turned out great! So don't worry about all the little things, the important thing is that when you walk down the aisle you are walking down the aisle to your best friend and love of your life. The moment your eyes meet everything else will disappear. So relax, have fun, and enjoy your moment in the spotlight and get ready to spend the rest of your life with the one you love!

The Wedding Professionals Involved (Deserve a 5 Star Rating)

Ceremony: Eastholme in the Rockies Bed and Breakfast (Ceremony in the Gazebo)

Reception & Rehearsal Dinner: Eastholme Patio

Photographer: Reflections Photography; Roxanne and Conrad were awesome!! Their son was with them too, he was really funny and helped keep the relaxed atmosphere!

Event Planner: Deborah

Music: We created our own CDs and had Eastholme staff run them

Wedding Gown: I got my wedding gown from David's Bridal; the girls that helped me were amazing!!!

Bridesmaid Dresses: We also got the bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal! I loved them the second they pointed them out to me because the lace on them matched the lace on my dress!!!

Formalwear Rentals: Men's Warehouse

Caterer: Cravings Five Star Catering

Cake: Cravings Five Star Catering

Florist: Flowers from King Soopers, put together by the Grooms mother and my Matron of Honor

Officiant: Rev. Jim Calhoun

Invitations/ProgramsHobby Lobby and Staples!! Best way to go! Super cheap and lots to chose from!

Hair & MakeupHair was Kimberly Fooshee, she did a great job!! Turned out exactly how I wanted!!! Makeup was Amie Carr, she was great! I decided to do the airbrushing and while it was a little expensive, I would totally do it again!!! It looked amazing and there were a couple blemishes I had that she made disappear!!

Jewelry: I wore a pearl necklace and matching earrings that my Aunt gave me. My "something old" was actually two things; one was a ring that use to belong to my Grandmother on my Mom's side and another ring that use to belong to my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side. My, "something borrowed" was a silver bracelet that was made from old silver spoons that had a pearl in the center that is my Grandmother's on my Dad's side.

Others: My parents and Chris' parents! If it were not for them, we would not be here today! They are amazing people and we look forward to years of being a combined family!

Honeymoon Location: We had a very non-traditional honeymoon…because Chris' family and friends came from Pennsylvania, and some of them had never been to Colorado, we decided to do a group honeymoon to Gunnison, CO. We went and rented cabins and spent 3 days by the river fishing, mountain biking and hanging out with friends. It was perfect! We then continued up through Rocky Mountain National Park. And while we did not actually get to spend any time alone until a little over a week after the wedding, we had a blast getting to spend time with family and friends that we do not get to see often!

Any other special moments, funny stories to share: I sent my bridesmaids to look for the ring box to make sure that it did truly make it down to Eastholme. I knew in my head that as long as the one ring box was there that meant we had both rings because my ring fit perfectly inside Chris' ring so I decided to just bring the one box, the problem was that I failed to mention this to my bridesmaids. So, when they went to look for the rings they started freaking out and trying to figure out who they could send to Golden to find my ring. They never came and asked me about it because they were worried that I would freak out! After they searched my room, my bags, and even my car, one of them decided to recheck the box before sending someone to Golden. At this point, they found it! When they came and told me about it, it made for a great laugh! Although, I'm still not sure they have forgiven me for it!!!

Chris' older brother managed to forget his dress shoes at our place in Golden. So instead of just wearing the 'toe shoes' that he had there, he decided the better idea was to go barefoot! So all the full-length family pictures have his hairy feet in them!!














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