how to hire a nominee director

A combination of professionalism, skills, and dedication to what one does are the essential characteristics that make one a good company leader. In most occasions, the future of any organization solely depends on the kind of leadership the company adopts.

Rigorous scrutiny before settling on the nominee director is hence vital to enhance the organization`s productivity. More to analyzing their academic qualification, you are also required to review their character traits and capability to lead the company in that position. In the piece below, we got in touched with the professional at to edify you more on some of the qualities that require a keen eye before hiring a director for your company.

Is He/She a Good Strategist?

In addition to making choices on the market, assets, and customers, a good director is as well required to effect a workable strategy for the company`s future. He/she should show their potential to engage his colleagues, challenge any assumptions that may be made as they build a conducive environment to discover opportunities in the future. The niche of expertise regarding strategy for the prospective director also requires keen consideration before they are hired. Try to identify which field they are more experienced in and learn whether they are set to bring about successful reforms to your company.

The Director Should be a Good Operator

Most aspiring directors have a gift of seeing the future but lack the driving force of mobilizing all stakeholders to produce results. Performance is always a key attribute to successful business leaders. The director should also have the ability to mobilize and motivate the respective teams to help produce results faster. Good operators should as well learn to build new talents to help build the foundation for the future of the company.

They Should Have the Ability to Listen and Learn

Being almost the top ranked employee in a company settings doesn’t necessarily have to mean that the director is the final decision maker. According to research, most of the directors that get time to listen to what the employees are saying end up being the most successful leaders. They make the employees feel appreciated and produce far much better results since their grievances are reaching the management quickly.

The successful candidate should hence have the ability to convince the panel that they are easy to go and will be more than ready to listen to the employees. Some of the techniques to ensure untimely employee engagement could be by adopting the suggestion box or better still meeting them at the grassroots to know their problems.

Ability to Show Strong Communication Skills

Communication is the number one driving force to any organization. A good leader should exhibit strong communication skills to allow drive the company forward. From delegating several responsibilities to his colleagues to motivating his team to show some dedication in what they do, communication skills are just but inevitable to any aspiring director. Experts on human resource point out that effective communication helps in playing key roles in expanding the connection between the employees and the management and as a result improving productivity. It is hence imperative that any candidate showcases his/her potential to communicate confidently before they are nominated.

Readiness to Take Risks on Behalf of the Company

Risk takers end up producing the best results. Getting an upper hand on unpredictable opportunities comes the moment you decide to take a chance. This not only shows how confident you are in what you do but also builds your capability as a leader. Hence if you want to be a business leader, you have to show some extent of risk taking before being a successful applicant.

Thinking Outside the Box

An increased thinking scope plays key roles in ensuring that a business achieves its goals. It is proven that not all the times the tried and true methods work hence thinking a little bit outside the box makes your company unique and a customer’s favorite. It is hence imperative that before getting a nominee director the Vetter’s need to weigh their creativity to allow him or her produce the best results for the organization.


Several other qualities like one`s experience and academic qualifications also make one a preferred candidate. If the panel recruiting the director wants to get the best out of their candidate, the above qualities should always be at the top of their list of preference.

Most people think that the best way to generate sales revenues is to acquire new customers. Therefore, you will find businesses spending money on marketing their products to new customers. The truth is that these new customers do not know your business better than existing customers. Hence, they are unlikely to make a purchase compared to existing customers. If you are a business owner, you ought to understand that it costs five times more money to acquire a new customer than to retain one. Therefore, if you want your business to continue to grow, you need to keep your loyal customers coming back.

Studies have shown that returning customers are likely to spend more money than first-time customers. This is because existing customers have bought from your business and will likely spend more if they were satisfied with their first purchase. According to a study done by the Havard Business School, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase your business profit between 25 percent and 95 percent. With this amazing stats, it’s safe to say that customer retention is more effective than customer acquisition. So how can you keep your loyal customers coming back? Here we will take a look at different customer retention strategies.

Keep in Touch with Them

Communicating with your previous customers is a good way to show that you care about them. If they were pleased with their previous purchase, they would want to know which new products you are offering. You can keep in touch with them through newsletters so that they can know what new is happening in your business. You can also reach out to them through promotional emails to entice them with new products or services that your business is offering. Another proven way of retaining customers is by sharing educational content via email. Sharing industry knowledge about the products to your customers can help build customer relationships and trust.

Engage with Customers

In today’s digital era, it is easier for businesses to engage with their customers through platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence like Chatbots, it is easier for businesses to engage and respond to customer feedback at neck breaking speed. This has led to improved customer service leading to customer loyalty and retention.

Give Gifts to Loyal Customers

Giving gifts to loyal customers who contribute significantly towards your sales revenue is an effective way of retaining them. You can also include an invite only to a VIP club to make your loyal customers feel special. This will differentiate your business from competitors, helping you retain the best customers.

Say Thank You

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, which is also true with existing customers. If a customer purchases from you, you can
extend your appreciation by sending them a thank you message. Write a personal email message and send it together with coupons for their next purchase. This will go a long way in retaining your loyal customers.

Why You Should Retain Existing Customers

1. Low Advertising Cost

Because existing customers understand your business better, you don’t need to spend too much money marketing your products or services to them, like you would do with new customers. In addition, existing customers can provide you with useful feedback about your product. This can help you know which improvements you should make.

2. It is More Profitable

Studies have shown that retaining loyal customers is profitable for your business since they are likely to spend more the next time they buy. Unlike new customers who might not buy from you when your product is overpriced, existing customers will not care too much about the price increase.

3. They Will Market Your Brand

When you build loyalty with existing customers, they will share the message about your brand through word of mouth. Hence, you will be able to get more customers to generate more sales.

There is no doubt that retaining your customers can help grow a sustainable business. However, as a business owner, you should remember there is no shortcuts to establishing a personal relationship with customers. If customers like your products, they
will always come back. However, if they were not pleased with their previous purchase, it is unlikely they will come back again. Instead of just using customer retention strategies, you need to make sure that the products and services you are offering is top notch. As customers become satisfied with your top notch products or services, customer loyalty will be guaranteed. Hence, your best customers will keep coming back to buy from you.